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Sunday morning First To Know forecast (04/10/2022)

2022 slate First To Know weather
Posted at 5:59 AM, Apr 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-10 08:24:37-04
Sunday morning First to Know forecast (04/10/2022)

A chilly start to this Sunday morning will evolve into a milder and sunny to mostly sunny afternoon, as southerly winds will start taking much of the chill out of the air in the days to come. It won't be quite as windy as Saturday was, however. Temperatures will rebound through the morning and reach the mid to upper 70s area-wide by mid-afternoon. Nighttime lows will still fall below average, bottoming out in the mid to upper 40s. The week ahead will be generally warmer with increasing moisture and humidity. Conditions stay generally dry until midweek. The height of rain chances will be experienced Thursday with a cold front that doesn't make a clean sweep through the area, meaning temps stay mild and occasional opportunities for showers and storms will stretch into next weekend.

--Casanova Nurse, Chief Meteorologist