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Day 8 of Henry Segura Murder Trial: Segura found guilty on all counts

Posted at 9:10 AM, Nov 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-20 06:10:07-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Henry Segura was found guilty in the first degree murders of his mistress, their son, and her two daughters.

The verdict was given by the jury on Tuesday.

It took the six person jury, less than four hours to decide his fate. Just two years ago, another jury was split on the decision, with eight wanting to acquit him and only four wanting to find him guilty.

"The jury finds the defendant guilty of first degree murder," said Judge Hankinson.

"We always felt that Mr. Segura was guilty of the charges. We were not about to drop the charges and we persevered on and ended up with the convictions we got today," said Jon Fuchs, Assistant State Attorney.

As the verdict was read, Brandi Peters sister started to sob and other family members were too shaken to even be in the courtroom to hear the verdict.

"Obviously they appreciate the verdict that was given, but there is litigation going on and they will probably testify in that as well," said Fuchs.

But on the other side of the courtroom, the Segura family wasn't happy to hear those four convictions.

It took two tries for those families to get an answer. Back in 2017, the majority of a different jury wanted to acquit Henry Segura, instead leading to a mistrial.

This time, both sides were confident in a victory.

"You don't need to decide whether this is a lesser included offense," said Nate Prince, Henry Segura's attorney. "This is premeditated, first degree murder, a death penalty offense for sure. If this isn't, nothing is, right?"

That was Segura's attorney just moments before the jury went off to deliberate, talking about the crime that he said a Mexican drug cartel committed.

"This is the worst offense ever committed in this town. The people who committed this offense are the most evil people who have ever come through this town," said Prince. "So, skip past that part when you get to the jury instructions. It is premeditated, first degree murder without a doubt."

Later this week, Segura will find out what will become of his life following the four murder convictions.

"The penalty phase is to determine whether he lives or dies," said Fuchs.

The trial will take a break Wednesday and then resume Thursday morning with the sentencing phase.

Henry Segura, who spent years in jail after being accused of murdering Brandi Peters and her three children in 2010, has been found guilty on all counts.

There was a mistrial back in 2017, where eight of the 12 jurors decided Segura was not guilty, while the other four thought he committed the crimes.

A jury came forward Tuesday night with a guilty verdict on all four counts of first degree murder. Now, the jury will decide on the death penalty for Segura.

Closing arguments begin in the quadruple murder trial of Henry Segura.

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After that wraps up, six jurors will begin deliberations ahead of what will hopefully be a verdict in the second trial for this case.

There was a mistrial back in 2017, where eight of the 12 jurors decided Segura was not guilty, while the other four thought he committed the crimes.

If found guilty, Segura could be facing the death penalty.