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"HUNT, SEARCH, DIG" : 78-year-old Lynette Halter builds and learns to fly a plane in Quincy

Lynette is in the process of building a VariEze airplane and getting her pilots license at Quincy Municipal Airport
Posted at 7:13 PM, Nov 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-06 19:13:28-05
  • Lynette is in the process of building a VariEze airplane and getting her pilots license.
  • Her goal is to finish the plane by 2024
  • See the video above to hear her story.


I'm Ashley Engle in Quincy where I met a woman named Lynette. Lynette is in the process of making a long-time dream turn into a reality. Despite the bumps she's faced, that's not going to stop her from getting up into the clouds.

"I found a dream that lit my fire...

... and a dream that is making her learn new things every day.

"At 71, I decided to fly."

Lynette Halter is building a plane and learning how to fly at Quincy Municipal Airport.

Right now, she is in the process of building a VariEze model airplane and getting her pilots license. This is an example of what the plane will look like once it's completed.

"I plan on getting this finished in 2024."

The one bump that was in the way of her dream at first was the price of buying that specific model brand new. That didn't stop her so she decided to build the plane herself.

"I have always wanted to fly but I never could reach for it because I never was able to afford it."

To help Lynette bring her dream to a reality, many people at the airport including Al Marsden has given her advice and knowledge on building. Al has been helping her learn about the electronics of the airplane build.

"The major point is reliability. Obviously, we don't want to have any issues when we are off the ground. So, a lot of time is spent making sure nothing is going to happen"

AL has been in aviation since the 70's. He says being in the airfield is like a family. Everyone wants everyone to do well and be able to follow their dreams like Lynette is doing.

"Everybody can have a goal, certainly in aviation. I believe Lynette is a testament to that.

No matter how old, no matter the dream, at 78 years old, Lynette wants those to know….

"If you don't have a dream… hunt, search, dig"