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Family, colleagues reflect on fallen Tallahassee Police Department officer Christopher Fariello during service

Celebration of life service held at civic center Wednesday
Posted at 11:47 PM, Jun 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 23:48:26-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — After serving just three years as a Tallahassee Police officer call, TPD issued its end of watch call for Officer Christopher Fariello Wednesday.

"What happened to Chris is a nightmare. Something we're never going to wake up from nor we will every fully recover from. He would be proud of every single person that was there with him that night. I know I was," a colleague of Fariello said during the service.

Officer Fariello was killed June 8 in a head on collision with a shooting suspect.

"Christopher, you are the bravest man we've ever known. I speak for my entire family when I say he was always our hero, but now he's our superhero," Angela Barnett, Fariello's cousin said during the service.

And for his bravery, Fariello received the two highest honors for a law enforcement officer.

"This is the highest award presented by the Tallahassee police department. It is presented to members who in the line of duty disguised themselves by an act of heroism or put themselves in eminent personal danger and take such action with knowledge of the risk involved. The act must be performed for the purpose of protecting human life and be so outstanding, it clearly demonstrates the member's courage," Tallahassee Police Department chief Lawrence Revell said.

A man who will be remembered for his love of this community.

"Christopher gave his very last breath defending this community against that violent chaos. We honor you Christopher. I challenge each and every one of you today to complete your mission. Stay true to your calling, defend this community and may our work everyday bring more and more honor to the ultimate sacrifice made by Officer Christopher Fariello. Badge number 726," Revell said.