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Day 5 of Henry Segura Murder Retrial: Gang member testifies for defense

Posted at 8:55 AM, Nov 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-15 08:34:18-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — A gang member who says he had Brandi Peters and her children killed took the stand in the Henry Segura Quadruple murder trial.

Segura's accused of killing his mistress over child support.

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James Santos says he knows all about the murder because he ordered the murders.

Santos says he had a team kill Peters and her children after she stole almost $100,000 from him.

Brandi Peters was found beaten and shot multiple times. Two of her children were drowned.

Another was shot, then thrown into the tub with the others.

Santos says seven people were involved in the murders, which he ordered from prison. Santos confessed seven years after the crime.

He says he didn't want to get arrested for the murders, but he came forward when other gang members started to wonder if he was stealing from them as well.

"You know, when you bring a person into your organization, they work for you. You're responsible for them. I vouched for her," said Santos. "They didn't know her other than through me, so I let them know that she was a reliable person. She was loyal."

A gang expert also testified Thursday that the brutality of the murders seemed gang related.

He went on to testify that the gang in question is known for leaving a spade behind at the crime scene. A small shovel was found near Peters' body.

Prosecutors pointed out inconsistencies from Santos over the years, as well as his diagnosis of being schizophrenic, and having multiple personalities.

The defense also brought up that other foreign DNA was found at the crime scene.

DNA experts testified it is possible that DNA belongs to a drug cartel member.

Closing statements are now expected to happen Tuesday.

The man accused of killing his mistress, their son and her daughters took the stand on Wednesday. Things got pretty heated as Henry Segura testified.

Things really got heated when Segura and one of the state's attorneys ended up in a back and forth about the murder.

At one point Judge Hankinson had to step in and tell Segura to calm down.

During his testimony Segura admitted to cheating on his wife with Brandi Peters and he admitted to eventually becoming disconnected from their son.

The state claims Segura killed Peters and her children because he owed $20,000 in child support.

In his defense, Segura said he put himself on child support. During his testimony prosecutors also questioned why Segura wasn't emotional when he learned of the murders.

Segura responded that it's just not his nature to show emotion.

Prosecutors also questioned his behavior during his police interview.

"The process for one I felt like I was being cornered. I don't feel like they were there questioning me about ya know. I don't think they were there getting my assistance or helping, I feel like they were pointing a finger at me," said Segura.

The state has rested its case. The defense is expected to call the man who actually confessed to their murders to testify.

The prosecution believes he will plead the fifth. Meaning he will refuse to answer any questions.