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Florida State students play games to learn

Students play Venture Valleys, a business simulation game, to compete for up to $6000 in cash prizes.
Posted at 6:41 PM, Sep 14, 2023
  • FSU students competed for cash in the Venture Valleys Collegiate Cup at the Student Union.
  • The College of Entrepreneurship hosts events like these to promote entrepreneurship in students of all majors.
  • The top 3 earners of the competition and their cash prizes:

    Matthew Slade (username "Loach"): $2000
    Heesu Seo (username "Heesu"): $1000
    Salvador Torres (username "Salvador"): $500

Business basics right at your fingertips.

I'm Alberto Camargo in Tallahassee's Collegetown, where a video game is opening students' eyes to the realities of running their own company.

FSU students gathered at the Student Union Thursday for the Venture Valley Collegiate Cup. Venture Valley is a business simulation game that challenges the user to run a successful business using real-world mechanics.

FSU sophomore Heesu Seo says playing the game may inspire him to start his own company one day.

"I do have some entrepreneurial aspirations maybe in the future, and having an event like this really makes us feel like the university wants to really support those who want to pursue a career like that."

Students competed in single or multiplayer games to earn the highest revenue. Cash prizes totaled $6000, with the highest earner taking home two grand. For Venture Valley, this competition is about more than just the money.

"Our goal was to get this game into the hands of young adults to get them interested in the possibility of starting their own business."

This isn't the only program helping start new business in Tallahassee.

In June, we told you FSU launched "Fast Start."

That's a a simplified tech transfer program to help FSU faculty bring their discoveries and inventions to market more quickly to help more people.

The Venture Valley Collegiate Cup is one of several events hosted by the FSU College of Entrepreneurship to promote this career path for students of all majors. In Collegetown, Alberto Camargo, ABC27.