Collegetown bars preparing for potential weather delays in FSU-Boston College game related to Lee

Tropical storm conditions are expected in the Boston area the morning of the Seminoles' noon kickoff
Collegetown bars preparing for potential weather delays in FSU-Boston College game related to Lee
Posted at 5:43 PM, Sep 15, 2023
  • A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect in parts of the Boston area, potentially affecting the conditions when Florida State takes on Boston College.
  • Bowden's GM Keith Austin knows there may be weather delays, but his restaurant is prepared for a long game.
  • Watch now to see how First to Know Meteorologist Elizabeth Copeland describes the potential conditions on Saturday.

Another week, another storm to monitor for FSU football.

I'm Alberto Camargo, your Collegetown neighborhood reporter. As of Friday afternoon, the Seminoles' game against Boston College is still scheduled to go ahead. But the uncertainty surrounding a storm known as Lee may throw a wrench in their plans.

That's not stopping fans from getting ready for Saturday!

I'm here at Bowden's, Collegetown's newest spot to catch the 'Noles, and the staff are excited to host it's first watch party. General manager Keith Austin says even if the rain delays the game, Bowden's will keep the party going.

"I hope that it's packed, I hope, you know. We always do well on away games, we do little specials and things. Hopefully we have a covered patio, it helps us a lot. We're excited, we're hoping for the best. And if the rain does come we're gonna invite people in just like we always would and say 'Hey come on in. Have fun with us.'"

Friday, Tropical Storm Warnings went into effect for parts of the Boston area.

People in the northeast are preparing along the coast.

With those warnings in effect, I asked First to Know Meteorologist, Elizabeth Copeland what a Tropical Storm Warning means ahead of the game.

"It's gonna be looking like a pretty sloppy game. I mean you got wind gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour, on top of anywhere even higher sustained winds at times. We've got a lot going on for that football game. Not to mention the winds but you know, the rain obviously affecting the passing game, the turf, how the game is going to be played."

In our FSU football kickoff special, we told you heavy rain can give the offense a slight advantage, based on weather and game stats.

With the storm passing so close, we'll have to keep a close eye on the game.

If everything goes ahead without a hitch, you can watch the 'Noles Saturday at noon right here on ABC27.