"It's getting tiresome" - Monticello couple has first hot meal since Idalia took their power

TCEC expecting to have the majority of the county's power restored Sept 5
Posted at 4:38 PM, Sep 01, 2023
  • Tri County Electric Cooperative, 74% of Jefferson County does not have power.
  • TCEC is expecting to have the majority of the county's power restored by Tuesday, September 5th
  • Rev Cafe is one of few businesses opened in Monticello


A warm meal and air conditioning is what people in Monticello and thankful for.

“I’m glad to have it. We haven’t had power for two days.”

I spoke with one couple who tells me that this restaurant behind me served them their first hot meal since hurricane Idalia took their power.

“(sigh) its getting a lot tiresome sweating a lot”

I met Kandy Crowe and her husband Ron at Rev Café late Friday morning. They tell me they haven’t had a real meal since Tuesday, August 29th.

“We had a big fridge and a little fridge loaded up with canned food and a can opener. The hard part is when the power goes out and everything gets hot”

Even though they had non- perishables, it was a sigh of relief to see that Rev Café’s doors were open and they were serving hot food.

I spoke with Rev Café’s Front of House Manager Cristian Lopez. He told me that the restaurant thankfully got their power restored Friday morning.

Unfortunately, they lost hundreds of dollars’ worth of inventory resulting in them throwing food away.

Despite their bumps in the road, they still opened their doors.

“We strive to keep doing what we’re doing here and providing for our community.”

I spoke with Tri County Electric cooperative and as of this afternoon, 74% of their customers across Jefferson County still do not have power. Their goal is to have most of the county restored Tuesday afternoon September 5th.

Lopez says although they have power, they are not taking it for granted.

“We feel grateful enough to finally have power and to be open to the community, to be able to serve them. I’ve had a couple customers who told me that they haven’t had a real meal since Tuesday and all they’ve been eating is Rice Krispy treats.”

Although most of Monticello community are still without power, businesses like Rev Café were able to be a safe place for those to get their mind off of things and nourish their bodies.

“it feels great. You go in the car there’s air conditioning in there, you come in here and there’s air-conditioning in here. There’s somebody to feed you good food, clean up after you and we’re really happy for that.”

Lopez told me that some of his own employees still do not have power at their homes but chose to come in and serve those who have been impacted also.