World Central Kitchen serves food to those impacted by Idalia in Steinhatchee

Posted at 5:48 PM, Sep 01, 2023
  • People in Steinhatchee are relying on workers like those with World Central Kitchen for food and water.
  • A spokesperson with the organization says they have handed out over 20,000 meals.

People in Steinhatchee are relying on people like workers with World Central Kitchen for food and water.

Crews with the organization have been on the ground in Steinhatchee since Monday.

They have given out over 20,000 meals across the state of Florida and are located in the places hardest hit, like on the Steinhatchee River.

Dan Abrams has been working with World Central Kitchen, helping communities like Steinhatchee for three years.

He said they just want to provide a sense of normalcy in a time where things are far from the ordinary.

"They're trying to muck and gut and put their life back together," Abrams said. "To be able to provide food is a nice opportunity to create some grounding and have something they don't have to worry about so they can focus on their own personal lives.'

People I spoke with told me they are grateful for the work that people like Abrams are doing in their community.

Abrams told me their crews with World Central Kitchen will be here in Steinhatchee for as long as the people here are in need.