WHY: Some consider accounting a dwindling profession and how Thomas University is working to change that

Thomas University now offering bachelor's degree and minor in accounting
Posted at 7:22 PM, Jan 24, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-24 19:22:57-05
  • Thomas University is now offering a bachelor of science accounting degree.
  • An 8-week online version of the program will kick off February 26th.
  • Check out the video above to hear how this industry could benefit anyone!


Graduates of accounting dropped by 8% from the year 2021 to 2022.
That's according to the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.

Thomas University is working to change that.

"Things I didn't get as an opportunity the kids here now can get," said Josh Barrett.

Here's how.

In a world full of influencers and YouTubers where do careers such as accounting fit in?

Experts say the profession is seeing a decline and is headed into a crisis.

"It is a back office, so to speak, job. It's not high profile. You won't see Georgia Accountants as a TV show," said Wendalyn Frederick, Thomas University.

In 2022 the Certified Professional Accountant exam saw a decrease in candidates by 7%.

Thomas University is working to change that.

"It is a life skill that will benefit you," said Frederick.

Wendalyn Frederick is a professor at Thomas University.

I recently caught up with her after finding out that the college now offers a bachelor's degree in accounting.

Something she says could benefit anyone, just ask Brianna Butler.

"I knew I liked to sing so I wanted to learn accounting so if I do make it big, I would want to know what my finances look like," said Briana Butler, BFT Accounting & Tax Services.

Butler works here at BFT Accounting & Tax Services.
She has been an accountant for 10 years.
I asked why was using a professional versus using tools online important.
She says it can make a difference for many especially…

"Small business owners, helping them compile their financial statements so that when they do go to the bank, they can get funding if they need it," said Butler.

She says websites such as TurboTax are user friendly but aren't as helpful when it comes to obtaining things like loans or grants.

Professor Frederick says that the 18-week course is also offered online and can benefit anyone.

"It will help you to understand the role of finances whether you're a student or when you graduate," said Frederick.

An 8-week online version of the program will kick off February 26th.