"We’re blessed so that we can be a blessing” Tallahassee volunteers work to help those impacted by Idalia

Posted at 7:09 PM, Aug 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-31 19:09:02-04
  • A storm hit the big bend, and many volunteers are chipping in to help those who were impacted.
  • Second Harvest of the Big Bend packed over 100 boxes for food distribution.
  • Volunteers will be working shifts through next week to help with the aftermath.


I’m Terry Gilliam, here at the second harvest of the big bend headquarters, where they along with so many other groups and individuals are working to keep providing relief to Idalia victims.

With the amount of people who were impacted by Idalia is unknown, second harvest of the big bend say they will be providing packed food for as long as they are needed.

They tell me it's been an overwhelming turnout of volunteers wanting to help pack meals before shipping them out to neighboring communities.

One of those volunteers is Barbara Green.

She said she finds joy in helping those that are less fortunate.

“We are packing produce and products so that the victims can eat right away, they don’t power or need to heat up anything, they something right now. And we’re blessed so that we can be a blessing.”

Second Harvest packed over 100 boxes of ready to go foods that will be delivered for victims as soon as possible.

Second Harvest of the big bend food distribution goes far beyond the walls of the headquarters here, it’s out in the community to help others. In Tallahassee, Terry Gilliam, ABC27.