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Wednesday evening First To Know forecast (09/28/2022)

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Posted at 3:59 PM, Sep 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-28 18:49:38-04
First to Know: Hurricane Ian Wednesday evening forecast (09/28/2022)

Hurricane Ian will weaken as it moves northeast over the central Florida peninsula tonight and tomorrow. Here in the Big Bend area, we will experience steady winds around 20 to 30 mph, partially caused by the high-pressure zone to our northwest. Areas of passing clouds will be present tonight with a few rain bands from the outer edge of Ian reaching the lower Suwannee River area, where the highest rain chances and coverage will be through Thursday. Western areas near the tri-state region will have partial sunshine and very little (if any) rain. Tonight's lows will be mainly around the lower 60s, and highs tomorrow will be in the lower 70s eastern Big Bend to upper 70s west. Ian, as a tropical storm, will pass closer to Jacksonville as it moves north Friday into coastal Georgia. Its local effects by Saturday will trigger a dry-out with more sunshine and decreasing wind for the weekend. Temperatures will be below average, but highs will rebound to the low to mid 80s through early next week.

--Casanova Nurse, Chief Meteorologist