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Tuesday evening First To Know Tropics check (09/06/2022)

Gulf disturbance formation chance (2pm 10/11/2022)
Atlantic disturbances formation chances (2pm 09/06/2022)
Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 06, 2022
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Tuesday evening First To Know Tropics check (09/06/2022)

Hurricane Danielle is still meandering and wandering in the northern North Atlantic as a Category 1 hurricane with top winds of 75 mph. Its forecast path does a loop around those colder waters and starts a transition to an easterly track as a non-tropical storm system within the next few days.

Earl became a hurricane Tuesday evening about 550 miles south of Bermuda, heading north. A turn to the north-northeast is projected, causing the core of Hurricane Earl to miss Bermuda, but coming close enough to the island to raise a tropical storm watch there.

Two more disturbances are over the eastern North Atlantic waters. Both are forecast to build strength as they move west to west-northwest over the next several days. They will remain quite distant from any land in the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico.

Tropical moisture will stream into the eastern Gulf of Mexico late this week, causing higher and heavier rain coverage for the Big Bend, but the moisture will not be connected to a tropical disturbance.