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Thursday evening First To Know Tropics check (09/08/2022)

Eastern Atlantic disturbance formation chances (2pm 09/08/2022)
Hurricane Earl forecast track (5pm 09/08/2022)
Posted at 6:55 PM, Sep 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-08 18:55:26-04
Thursday evening First To Know Tropics check (09/08/2022)

Hurricane Earl is a considerably stronger Category 2 system set to clip the island of Bermuda over the next 24 hours, though likely avoiding a direct hit on the island. The hurricane is heading north-northeast at 16 mph Thursday evening. As it departs the Bermuda region, it will pick up faster speed and increase in strength into a major hurricane, but it will stay clear of land along the Atlantic coast.

Two more disturbances in the eastern North Atlantic/Cape Verde region are forecast to gradually strengthen as they move west to west-northwest through early next week. They will remain distant from any land in the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico for several days, but one or both of these can become the next tropical depressions during this seasonal peak time of tropical cyclone activity.