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Thursday evening First To Know Tropics check (07/07/2022)

Atlantic basin satellite (5:30pm 07/07/2022)
Posted at 5:52 PM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-07 18:23:53-04
Thursday evening First To Know Tropics check (07/07/2022)

There are no expectations for new tropical disturbances to form into depressions or storms over the next several days. Faster upper winds and a lack of concentrated moisture will influence a lull in broader system development through early next week.

Faint signals in some modeling suggest gathered moisture along a stalled front in the northern Gulf region early next week, but forecast trends are just latching on to any suggestions for tropical development. Future data will determine how legitimate the formation of a low-pressure system is by early next week along the central Gulf coast.