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Spotty showers enter the forecast this afternoon as a wet weekend shapes up

Saturday Afternoon Showers.png
Posted at 4:47 AM, Feb 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-16 07:17:53-05

Building clouds across the region are setting up a mostly overcast day across the Big Bend and Southern Georgia, with temperatures currently around the 50 degree mark just before sunrise this morning. Temperatures will gradually warm through the 50s and 60s this morning with increasing humidity as skies remain mostly cloudy. Highs this afternoon will warm into the upper 60s as showers work their way into the area during the afternoon hours, providing hit or miss showers. Any rain that falls will remain light.

Overnight, spotty showers continue across the region, with much of the area remaining dry for most of the night with skies continuing to be overcast. Temperatures will only drop into the lower 50s for lows as increased moisture and light wind keeps us on the warmer side. Tomorrow will feature more widespread showers, but rain should remain light throughout the day. Rain will be more likely closer to the coast in the Big Bend and our southernmost Georgia counties, but the entire area has the chance to pick up on a few raindrops. Rain will continue into the morning hours of Sunday when islolated showers will finish moving through eastern parts of the area, as the entire region gears up for a drier Sunday afternoon. Highs this weekend will be in the upper 50s and lower 60s as lows dip into the 40s Sunday morning.

Next week starts with lots of sunshine across the area, and below average temperatures to start the week. Monday and Tuesday will feature morning lows in the 30s as daytime highs only reach the mid 60s on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, highs will return to the 70s, and continue to reach the 70s each afternoon the rest of the week. Rain stays away from the area through midweek, as skies continue to remain sunny, with a few clouds moving in to start the day on Thursday. Once we get through rainy periods this weekend, we're in for a calm and comfortable extended forecast!