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Scratchy eyes and smoky skies over the Big Bend and South Georgia Wednesday

Peeking through the haze to see blue skies
Posted at 5:21 AM, Oct 04, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Cool weather is coming, but first we have to get through some smoky air and afternoon warmth.

Smoke from Canadian wildfires is still pouring into South Georgia and Florida Wednesday.

We can expect to see hazy skies through most of the day. Smoke is more noticeable during sunrise and sunset when sunlight has to go through more atmosphere. These smoke particles are highlighted more so during this time, and haze appears more noticeably. Also during sunrise, low wind and a calm night means the atmosphere hasn't started mixing (which will happen with heat Wednesday), so more smoke has settled at surface level, too- making it more noticeable.

Enough of my fascination with wildfire smoke habits, let's look at the weather ahead.

I think most of us are getting excited for the weekend. A cold front is coming, and cooler weather is on the way.

How can we tell a front is approaching? Well this time rain chances will be limited, but you will see increased cloud cover Friday and Saturday.

As this front passes, highs in the low 80s will be in store for Saturday.

Highs for the end of the weekend will only top out in the 70s, and we even drop to the mid 50s for lows!