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Monday evening First To Know Tropics check (09/05/2022)

Gulf disturbance formation chance (4pm 10/10/2022)
Atlantic disturbance formation chance (2pm 09/05/2022)
Posted at 4:13 PM, Sep 05, 2022
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Monday evening First To Know Tropics check (09/05/2022)

Hurricane Danielle in the central North Atlantic has started to move more quickly to the north, with a northeasterly turn expected in the upcoming days this week. Danielle will start to lose its tropical identity and turn into a broader storm system off the coast of the British Isles by this weekend.

Tropical Storm Earl is also starting to move faster to the north, away from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It is forecast to gain more strength and become a hurricane by the middle of the week. Earl is projected to become a major hurricane as the core of the system moves east of Bermuda by the end of this week.

A disturbance in the Cape Verde region has increased chances for additional development, with ample time to monitor its progress. Current trends favor this system staying over the ocean in the long-range outlook.