Volunteers gather for shoreline cleanup to keep city clean

Keep Tallahassee Beautiful hosts annual cleanup along shorelines and neighborhoods throughout Tallahassee
Posted at 1:01 AM, Sep 17, 2023
  • Volunteers gathered to clean up various parks to help keep Tallahassee clean.
  • The most common trash that was found was plastic and straws.
  • Watch the video above to see the solutions on how to keep the parks clean yourself.

Plastics, straws, and all types of disposable items can be detrimental to wildlife and waterlines. I’m Terry Gilliam in Lake Ella, where volunteers try to keep Tallahassee clean.

Volunteers gathered Saturday at Lake Ella Park with one goal in mind, to keep Tallahassee clean.

Plastics, cigar butts, and straws were found commonly throughout the park, and is said to cause damage to ducks swimming in the pond.

Volunteer and creation care leader at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Cara Fleischer, says she’s seen a buildup of trash over the years, and believes there are solutions.

“We just encourage people to just either skip the straw and use less disposable plastic, also just use the receptacles that have been given to us.”

Fleisher also says she’s seen dozens of trash bags walking by and believes it's a step in the right direction to keep the city clean.

Volunteers say they hope to see less trash each time they come out to clean and are confident of the possibility for their winter clean up. In Lake Ella, Terry Gilliam, ABC27.