"This is helpful" - Crawfordville senior citizens get advice on creating a will; see who is behind the idea

People at the Wakulla Senior Citizens Center got more information
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Posted at 4:55 PM, Sep 13, 2023
  • People at the Wakulla Senior Citizens Center got more information about making a will.
  • The program Wills on Wheels held an information session to provide information for plans after life.
  • Apalachee Regional Planning Council and Legal Services of North Florida were there to inform people in Wakulla about creating a will and the steps it takes.


Henry Metcad came to the information session. He says it was helpful to get his questions answered.

"There was a lot I didn't know but now I know more about it and I'm planning on changing some things around." Says Metcad

Metcad says he's using the information he got for his next steps.

"I got a will made out, hired an attorney and everything else." Says Metcad

Others who attended the event like Rachel Donelson say the event opened their eyes to many things they didn't know about wills.

"I didn't know that when my mom died, I didn't know what to do how to go about doing stuff, so a lot of stuff got undone so this is helpful." Says Donelson.

Donald Morgan works with Apalachee Regional Planning Council. The event funded is by them through by a grant proposal. He explains why it's important.

Morgan says through his work with state funded housing programs he faced barriers with people's family members who had passed owning houses that couldn't be passed down to the family because there were no wills in place. He urges people to make a will.

"This workshop is really to avoid those things to get the word out on what's your final wishes are how you would like your property to be disposed of when you pass it's really important and not thought about until it's too late unfortunately." Says Morgan.

They're making their way around the Apalachee Region to information people about making a will.