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These $12 fridge liners make clean up so much easier

These $12 fridge liners make clean up so much easier
Posted at 1:30 PM, May 05, 2023

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Cleaning the fridge is one of those chores we often tend to avoid until it’s an absolute must. Then we may go through the items in there (except maybe those food storage containers hidden in the back) but skip the actual process of scrubbing the refrigerator shelves since food gets stuck on them and they can be hard to reach. There’s a simple and inexpensive solution to this problem: removable fridge liners.

Fridge liners can practically eliminate the need to clean those shelves and make it possible to remove spills in just a few swipes.


What is a fridge liner? If you’ve ever used shelf liners in your cabinets or pantries, you already know the concept behind it. Fridge liners are protective layers for your refrigerator shelves. Think of them as placemats for your fridge.

Fridge liners are made with slip-resistant, waterproof plastic, safe to use with food products and washable. Gone are the days of sticky food getting caked on your glass or plastic refrigerator shelves!

And the best thing about fridge liners? They are so affordable! The most popular set on Amazon is under $12 and we found many other well-rated fridge liners for under $10. Take a look at some of the choices you have to keep your fridge clean and also add a little flair.

MayNest 8-Piece Refrigerator Liners (Amazon, $11.99)

These MayNest fridge liners are an Amazon Choice in the “Cool Gadgets for Home” category and have more than 15,300 customer reviews. Each liner in the pack measures 17.7 by 11.6 inches but can be trimmed to fit any area. They are made with 100% food grade EVA, BPA-free plastic and have no odor.


Choose from five different color options, including red, blue, green and white, or a tri-pack of red, blue and green.

“Perfect to keep the glass in the fridge clean/protected. It was easy to measure and cut,” wrote Lindsey in her five-star Amazon review. “I even left a little extra for overlapping just in case. I had a few sheets left over too. Wipes up and gives products enough grip to not tip over.”


Right now, there is an 8% off coupon available when your order the MayNest Refrigerator Liners. This product is eligible for Amazon Prime same-day delivery and has a free return policy if you are not satisfied.

Innolites 9-Piece Refrigerator Liners (Amazon, $9.99)

Bright colors not your style? These Innolites fridge liners come in two different styles, including daisies or lemons on a clear background.


The food-safe, waterproof and oil-proof plastic fridge liners come pre-cut at 17.7 by 11.8 inches but can be easily trimmed and customized. To wash, simply rinse them with water.

Amazon customer Nancy recommended these fridge liners in her five-star review and called them “very sturdy and heavy duty.”

Bakhuk 9-Pack Refrigerator Liners (Amazon, Sale Price $7.49 — Normally $12.99)

More than 6,700 Amazon customers reviewed the Bakhuk fridge liner set and 60% of them gave it a five-star rating.

You can choose from the three-color pack of green, blue and pink for $7.49 or clear for $7.99 if you want to keep things simple.


In her review,  Amazon customer Halley said she loved the look of these liners and recommends them for busy moms.

“I don’t have to overwork myself to clean out my fridge being a mom to four kiddos things get spilled a lot and this makes it so much easier to just pull out one and wash it off,” she wrote.

Are you ready to make clean up easier with fridge liners?

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