3 women hit by SUV in Portland

Posted at 5:07 AM, May 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-26 05:07:14-04

(RNN) - Police arrested and charged 61-year-old Greg Porter on Friday with three counts of attempted murder after he hit three women with his SUV in downtown Portland, OR, they believe.

The women were hit on the sidewalk near a restaurant around 10 a.m. One victim is in critical condition and another is in serious condition. The family of the third woman has asked no updates be given on her condition, according to Sgt. Chris Burley of the Portland Police. 

The SUV hit people near a restaurant that has outdoor seating near the Portland State University Urban Center. University buildings, businesses, and subway and bus stops fill the area. 

Witnesses said they heard a loud noise then screaming, and that there were articles of clothing on the sidewalk.

Video from the scene showed people tending to others on the ground.

Warning: The raw video below may be hard to watch and not suitable for all audiences.

Another witness told KGW on live streaming that she saw a Blue SUV with tinted windows going way too fast in the public transit-only lanes, and then jumped the sidewalk.

Christopher Bond told The Oregonian that after the Blue SUV hit three people, he heard the driver gun the motor as it came towards him. He was not injured, saying he was able to press himself up against the wall as the SUV passed him.

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