Wedding in peril as WI banquet hall floods

Posted at 5:15 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 17:15:13-04

BURLINGTON, WI (WISN/CNN) - Severe flooding across southeast Wisconsin is endangering the wedding plans of a couple who wanted to get married this weekend.

Workers were bailing flood water out of the lower level of the Veterans Terrace Banquet Hall as fast as they could but the water just kept coming.

Banquet manager Bryn Doyle described the flood as "about as bad as I think we've had here."

Ankle-deep water in the hallway of the banquet hall could have been much worse if not for steel shields behind a door partially holding back the water.

The steel plates won't work at all if the water rises to the top of the doors and windows, and it was getting close.

Outside, the flooding had shut down Echo Veterans Park, and the nearby terrace, and maybe a wedding.

Randy Hudziak's daughter, Kristy, and her fiance, Kyle, were planning to get married Saturday.

Hudziak expressed concern about the weather.

"We thought maybe we might have to worry about a little bit of rain, but not a big flood," he said. "Hopefully they can clean it up, but chances aren't looking good."

Flooding is so severe that the mayor of Burlington, WI, is issuing a state of emergency for the area.

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