Student miraculously survives being shot in head in Texas

Posted at 8:52 PM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 20:52:29-04

(RNN) – A Santa Fe High School student remarkably survived a gun shot through the back of his head on Friday.

The student, 16-year-old Rome Schubert, told KTRK in Houston that the bullet entered around the middle of the back of his head and exited near his left ear.

He said doctors told him “this is the perfect scenario for getting hit in the head, and that if it would have done anything else than what it did, I could be paralyzed.”

“I just feel lucky to be here,” he said. “I just wish this didn’t happen. This shouldn’t happen to anybody in that school, nobody deserves that.”

KTRK reported Schubert didn’t even realize he was shot at first, hearing a loud bang that left his ears ringing before he got under a table for protection.

Schubert was in the art class with the gunman began an attack that left 10 dead, including nine students, and 10 wounded.

Schubert tweeted that he is “completely okay and stable” despite the injury.

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