‘He was gonna do something bad': Naked man sneaks into backyard, peers into house with 3 girls inside

‘He was gonna do something bad': Naked man sneaks into backyard, peers into house with 3 girls inside
Posted at 10:42 AM, Oct 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-30 07:18:23-04

SANTA ANA, CA (KTLA/CNN) - A man on the prowl in a Santa Ana, CA, the neighborhood did the unthinkable and it was captured on surveillance video.

The family who recorded the video wants the man caught.

“I’ve never seen him before,” said the homeowner who wanted to remain anonymous.

Surveillance video caught a soon-to-be fully naked man creeping around a home Saturday evening, peering into windows.

“That’s just scary, for 55 minutes,” the homeowner said.

She wasn’t there but received a call from her house guests.

“One of my guests that were staying at my house heard a knock on our window,” she said. “They were really frightened. It was three girls in the house. They were all girls, so they were really, really afraid.”

The homeowner reviewed the surveillance video to catch the man trespassing for nearly an hour.

“I was shocked. That was just perverted, you know. It was just gross and I felt unsafe,” she said.

The man eventually stripped down completely leaving on only his sneakers, got into a shed on the property, then walked around the front of the home.

He continued to look into windows, and at one point he grabbed a garden hose and drank from it. He then found a sheet to cover up with before taking it off again.

"I was actually thinking that he was getting ready to molest someone, if someone was at home and answered the door, or opened the door he was gonna do something bad," she said.

The homeowner called the police.

“They came out to take a look at it but they didn’t find anybody,” she said.

She posted the video on social media to ring the alarm on this intruder whose intentions are unclear.

One of the neighbors says she plans to start up a neighborhood watch.

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