Grandparents face neglect charges after infant put on life support

Posted at 6:11 AM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 06:11:42-05

GREENFIELD, IN (WISH/CNN) – An Indiana couple was arrested on charges of neglecting their 1-month-old grandson after the baby was found with broken bones and injuries to his neck, spine and brain.

Investigators believe 38-year-old Pearl Holland and 41-year-old Heath Kimberlin did not do enough to care for and protect their infant grandson, who was born prematurely.

The baby’s 16-year-old father abused the 1-month-old inside the family’s home, according to investigators, while everyone else was at work.

Police say the investigation began in November when Holland called 911. She said her grandson was coughing blood and not breathing well.

Medics arrived to check the baby, whose gums and lips were dried and cracked with dried blood on them, but Holland and the baby’s father said they did not want the 1-month-old transported to the hospital.

The next day, investigators say the family took the baby to the emergency room and told doctors he wouldn’t eat and had been vomiting.

Documents show the baby was taking intermittent breaths, and his skin was cool and blue-gray. At one point, the 1-month-old had no pulse and had be stabilized before he was airlifted to Indianapolis.

The baby was placed on life support while at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

Doctors ran tests and scans and discovered the baby was bleeding from the brain, along with other injuries. They believe the injuries are consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

The child is at risk for permanent neurological disability, doctors say.

He is currently in stable condition and being taken care of by the state, according to documents.

The boy’s grandparents say they weren’t aware of the injuries.

The Hancock County prosecutor is working to also file charges against the baby’s father and 17-year-old mother.

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