Employee takes sick days for mental health, boss' response has gone viral

Employee takes sick days for mental health, boss' response has gone viral
Posted at 11:09 AM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 08:16:27-04

(RNN) - A web developer in Michigan sent her co-workers an email saying she was taking a couple of days off to focus on her mental health.

The CEO of the company wrote back and thanked her for her courage.

He said he used her email as a reminder that using sick days for mental health was important, and every organization should make it standard practice.

The woman posted her message and the response to Twitter, where it has gone viral.  Responses were almost unanimously positive, and more than a few said they’d like to apply for a job with the company.

A few days later, the CEO, Ben Congleton wrote an op-ed in the form of a post on Medium.

“It’s 2017,” he wrote. “I cannot believe that it is still controversial to speak about mental health in the workplace when 1 in 6 Americans are medicated for mental health … We are in a knowledge economy. Our jobs require us to execute at peak mental performance. When an athlete is injured, they sit on the bench and recover. Let’s get rid of the idea that somehow the brain is different.”

He posted his email: in case people wanted to express gratitude or ideas to make a colleague feel more safe. He said he’ll write up some of the ideas his company has tried if there is enough response


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