Disabled Vietnam vet. carjacked, dragged on cam

Posted at 2:38 PM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 14:38:27-05

RICHLAND HILLS, TX (KTVT/CNN) - Allan Huddleston said as soon as he got out of his truck at a Shell gas station, a man approached him and took his wallet.

"He got in the truck immediately and tried to drive off,” Huddleston said. “I reached into my truck and I put him in a head lock and I dragged him out of my truck.”

Surveillance video captured the struggle between the 69-year-old Vietnam veteran and the man. The fight continued onto the ground until the thief overpowered Huddleston then took his keys.

Huddleston was still trying to stop the thief as he drove off.

"When he drove off, of course I went down, almost got run over," Huddleston said.

Huddleston was dragged about 20 feet and left with several bruises and a broken bone.

The thief made off with $360 that Huddleston was going to use to pay bills, as well his IDs and Social Security card. The truck was returned after it was found abandoned in Fort Worth.

"He's done this before, no doubt in my mind, and he'll do it again,” Huddleston said.

According to police, the thief asked several people for money or cigarettes before the attack.

Police said they need help finding the person behind the attack and asked anyone with information to contact the Richland Hills Police Department.

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