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Chiles' Noah and Jacob Paterson - WTXL Scholar Athletes of the Week

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Posted at 6:34 PM, May 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-15 18:34:57-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Noah and Jacob Paterson will play baseball at Thomas University next year which is a dream come true.

They didn't take the traditional route to get there, but for the twins it was the perfect route for them. Jacob and Noah are this week's WTXL Scholar Athletes of the Week.

"We've always been a dynamic duo," said Noah Paterson.

"We do everything together," Jacob Paterson explained. "I think the most we've been apart is probably two or three days."

Chiles High seniors Noah and Jacob Paterson may not be identical twins, but when it comes to baseball, they're on the same wavelength.

"They are night and day polar opposites as far as personality, but there's one thing they get at: It's competition," said Bryan Brown, who works with Powermill Training Academy. "I'd turn around and they'd be poking each other, wrestling each other. I think it goes hand in hand in baseball, it allows them to be good."

Noah and Jacob don't play high school baseball and focus strictly on their training and travel ball. And for them, it's turned into college scholarships.

"I'm pumped. I am pumped," said Jacob. "I'm looking forward to next year to play at such an awesome school."

"Everybody at a college level is looking for talent. They're looking for good students and they're looking for talent as well," said Brown. "If you possess that, regardless of where you come from, they will take a risk to bring you in."

They have both talent and grades. Noah has a 3.7 GPA, while Jacob boasts a 4.0.

"I think he knows at this point, I have the higher GPA. It's okay at this point," said Jacob. "I mean, he's very smart too, but I have a 4.0. What can I say?"

"He is definitely smarter than me, but I have more common sense," said Noah. "I think I win on that part."

Winners in the classroom and winners on the field, they're looking to keep that trend going as NightHawks.

"Always together. Two peas in a pod. It's always been like that," said Noah.

A dynamic duo ready to compete together.

Here's a shocker: Both Noah and Jacob want to major business. Jacob did say he is thinking about throwing biology in the mix. We'll let you know if Noah changes his mind too...

The Paterson twins are our final Scholar Athletes of the school year. This year we recognized 38 student athletes, two sets of twins, and the average GPA was 4.13.

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