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Former Florida State Seminoles Maria Conde, Leonor Rodriguez share unique Olympic perspective

Posted at 10:09 PM, Jul 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-24 22:09:28-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)  — The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are underway and as we’ve highlighted here at ABC 27. There’s a plethora of current and former Florida State Seminoles representing their home countries. Two of which you’ll find over on the hardwood.

Maria Conde and Leonor Rodriguez will take the court for team Spain in this year’s Olympiad. An opportunity both have taken as a blessing given the events of the past year. For Conde this will be her first Olympic experience and having a teammate like Leonor who has been through this process before is paying dividends. Rodriguez’s message to Maria and her first time Olympic-teammates is simple. Soak in every moment while you’re there.

“Someone especially like her who has been through the Olympics before. They’re trying to make sure that and like she said before this is a once in a lifetime experience," Conde said. "Maybe you won’t ever repeat it again. So just enjoy everyday and make sure to be present in the moment.”

“Even if we have to walk around with masks on or we have to wash our hands 100 times, I’ll take it like a blessing," Rodriguez adds. "Because a year ago we didn’t even know if the Olympics were going to be possible.”

Spain's first game tips off Sunday at 9 p.m. est against South Korea.