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Florida A&M receives $32k check for nutrition

Posted at 8:02 PM, Aug 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-01 23:49:47-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fl. (WTXL) — Florida A&M University has received a giant check for their nutrition table for athletes. FAMU Foundation/Nutrition will deposit a check of $32,000 that will go towards athletes and their nutritional needs.

The 220 Quarterback Club presented the check Thursday morning and it will be used for things such as fruit, muscle milk, and protein bars are just a few of the needs of FAMU's athletes.

For the rattlers' head football coach, Willie Simmons, the nutrients that will be provided to his players are the biggest components of making a top-10 athlete. "Studies suggest that before recovery of the optimum gain performance, after conditioning activities, workouts, or practices, the 30 minutes immediately after those activities is the most important time to replenish the nutrients you have taken out of your bodies," explained Coach Simmons. "So, what we want to be able to do with our athletes, after a workout, after practice, immediately provide them the opportunity to get something in their system that is healthy."

Parker Brooks, the strength and conditioning coach for FAMU's football team, is especially excited about the donation. He said he's most excited for the visual impact, "The effective recovery it will have on our team. And you're going to see a lot bigger guys around here."