SERVING SOUTH GEORGIA: AMVETS hosts free food giveaway in Valdosta, more help planned

Red Cross set to deliver two truckloads of hot food Saturday in Valdosta area
Posted at 5:16 PM, Sep 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-01 17:52:59-04
  • AMVETS hosts free food giveaway for those still in need.
  • Many people in Lowndes County still without power.
  • Check out the video above to see what neighbors have to say about the impact of Hurricane Idalia.


"This is the worst I've ever seen it here in Valdosta, Georgia," said William Matchett Jr.

Hundreds are still without power in Lowndes County following Hurricane Idalia.
The threat of more heavy rain Friday making recovery a challenge.

That challenge isn't stopping one group from stepping up to help.

"We're here to help out our members, help out our families, and help out the community. It's not just about us but it's about the community as a whole and the city of Valdosta," said Ronnie Dunn, Member of AMVETS Post 607.

The AMVETS Post 607 is helping other Valdosta neighbors by giving away free meals to the community.

"I'm from Miami and I'm used to hurricanes. I'm a member of the AMVETS and that's why I'm here to give back to the community."

Something neighbors say is well needed while their power is out.

Kenya Dean tells me the hardest part about going through this process is having to do so with 2 little ones at home.

"Cause kids don't understand the length of the damage that's going on," said Dean.

Though kids aren't the only ones surprised by the damage caused by Hurricane Idalia.

"You never would think that it would happen to you," said Jaquayvius Riley.

And though grateful for all of the communities efforts to pull together William Matchett Jr. says he hopes people take away one thing.

"Let this be a reminder that we don't need disaster to come together," said Matchett.

Event organizers say that the Red Cross is sending two truckloads of hot meals to the area Saturday.