See which one of Thomasville's first black neighborhoods is set for historic preservation

City of Thomasville is holding a historic survey to preserve Stevens Street
Posted at 6:10 PM, Sep 18, 2023
  • The City of Thomasville has hired a firm that will hold a historic resource survey of Historic District Stevens Street.
  • The goal of the project is to identify properties built before 1983 that are potentially eligible for historic preservation.
  • Check out the video above to see what changes people that live there would like to see.


Planning for the future while preserving the past…

"Further down on Stevens there's some houses down on the left, I wish they could restore them," said Charlie Walden.

Charlie Walden tells me what he'd like to see happening on Stevens Street.

The City of Thomasville is conducting a survey for this Historic District.

Their goal is to identify properties built before 1983. This will help the city in future investment strategies that will help preserve the area.

That's really important since there is gentrification happening everywhere," said Ephraim Rotter.

Thomasville's History Center Curator, Ephraim Rotter says Thomasville does a great job at prioritizing preservation.

The City got a $15,000 grant administered by the State Historic Preservation Office of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to do the survey.

Dating back to the 1800's, the neighborhood was mainly made up of middle-class black families.

So, I headed to Stevens Street to see how people in that area feel about the city's latest plan to help maintain the district. That's when I met brothers Charlie and Thomas Walden.

They told me they're all for improvements in the infrastructure such as sidewalks, landscape, and driveways.

"Because we don't have the funds to do it," said Thomas Walden.

Funds that could pave the way for the next generation to live here.

So, if you see people walking the streets of Stevens with clipboard don't be alarmed the historic resource survey is officially underway.