'One Week Boutique' opens in Tallahassee as new inflation numbers rise across America

Posted at 6:29 PM, Sep 13, 2023
  • Inflation is up 3.7% in the 12-month period ending in august.
  • Most items that are on sale for the One Week Boutique are baby items.
  • One Week Boutique is geared to convenience families across Tallahassee.


"Clothing, all these baby items and children's items… it's expensive, having kids is expensive. I have two kids and it's very expensive, and some people have more."

That’s Mackenzie Biehl. She's a mother in Tallahassee and has been a One Week Boutique shopper for six years.

One Week Boutique is a shopping event open to the public from Friday through Sunday.

It's geared to help families save money, especially since the rise of inflation.

"First, I love a good sale. I think everything looks cuter and tastes better if it's on sale."

On sale is what many families including Biehl would like to see due to recent price hikes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of goods and services increased by 3.7% in the 12-month period ending in august.

That means essential items for babies and toddlers skyrocket in price.

“Kiddos are my heart and soul, they're my passion."

Sarah Monbarren is one of the event planners for one week boutique.

She says she the hottest item sold is…

"EVERYTHING BABY, pack in place, strollers, jumparoos, and bassinets. I mean everything."

With the economy in the shape it's in, parents like Biehl say the boutique is worth it.

"It's convenient for any family member that lives in Tallahassee.