Tifton club's alcohol license revoked after undercover investigation

Tifton club's alcohol license revoked after undercover investigation
Posted at 12:32 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 12:32:00-05

TIFTON, GA (WALB) -  A Tifton night club had its alcohol license revoked Monday night after an undercover investigation found indecent conduct and drug use.

Undercover agents testified at City Hall that they went into Club La Estrella when flyers advertising a nudity party in the club surfaced.

That's when the Tifton Police Department and Dougherty County Police Department went undercover.

The officers testified they saw multiple people smoking marijuana and girls dancing nude for money.

Owner of the club, Gail Cruz, said she's been in Tifton for 15 years and never had any issues with law enforcement before.

"Usually they will sit you down and talk with you one on one and offer you suggestions to do to make it okay," said Cruz.

The city council unanimously voted to revoke the  Alcohol license of La Estrella on Monday.

"I cannot tolerate this type of behavior in my town and I will not tolerate this. And as a woman, you should be ashamed of yourself," said Mayor Julie Smith to Cruz.

"If the dancing of the girls was such a big issue then why did they not shut it down then?" asked Cruz.

"Putting these girls in this predicament and you know why the drug problem is under control, because you knew this was going to happen. And it will be right back at it the next time you're open," explained Smith.

Cruz hopes they will reconsider this but Mayor Smith says she simply will not tolerate it and wants to shut the business down completely.

"This is what pays my bills. If they shut me down, I'm gonna lose everything. My home, my cars, I'm going to lose everything I have and I can't afford that," said Cruz. 

One officer testified seeing Cruz's elementary school age son in the club. Cruz denied this, but Smith said she wants an investigation by the Division of Family and Child Services. 

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