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Wire taps introduced on Day 7 of Dan Markel murder trial

Posted at 7:00 AM, Oct 08, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Jurors in the Dan Markel murder trial are hearing intense phone conversations.

The state presented more than two dozen clips from wiretapped calls that prosecutors say feature defendant Katherine Magbanua.

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Katherine Magbanua: "Whoever it is, they're gonna have a problem with us no matter what. They're gonna have a problem with me. No matter what way it ends, it's not gonna be good for whoever is messing around."

That's Magbanua on the phone with Charlie Adelson, two years after the murder. Wire taps show growing suspicion as federal agents uncover more evidence in the case.

The state presented about two dozens wiretapped phone calls as a way to prove their argument that Katherine Magbanua, Sigfredo Garcia, and Luis Rivera were paid to kill Dan Markel.

The state played phone conversations that featured Charlie Adelson, Katherine Magbanua, Sigfredo Garcia, and Donna Adelson.

In April of 2016 an undercover FBI agent approached Dan Markel's ex mother-in-law, Donna Adelson, with a news paper article about the murder with two things written on it, $5,000 and a phone number.

The taps begin that day. You can hear the voices discuss who the number might belong to and if they should call it.

An FBI Special Agent says they never call 911 about the person despite saying they want to because they're afraid.

He also mentioned a couple of dinners between Charlie Adelson and his mother as well as dinners with his ex-Katherine Magbanua.

The agent says they attempted to record those dinners, but each time, they either sat far away or in a noisy part of the restaurant.

Closing arguments are expected to happen Wednesday.

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