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Tickets for texting and driving starts Jan. 1 in Florida

Posted at 5:33 PM, Dec 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-31 21:26:32-05

(WTXL) — Put it Down: Focus on Driving. Florida's new law is geared towards distracted driving or anything that takes your hands off the wheel.

Your eyes off the road or your mind off driving, all of this happens when you are texting and driving and it puts everyone on the road in danger.

If you're texting and driving, you're not focused on the road and that risky behavior limits your ability to come to a stop and avoid a crash.

Now what kinds of devices are we talking about? It's pretty simple a cell phone, any type of two-way messaging device, tablet, laptop, or an electronic game, anything that can be used with your hands.

When it comes to distracted driving, take a look at these numbers.

In 2018, Leon County had 800 crashes related to distracted driving, compared to 168 in Gadsden County and 100 crashes in Wakulla County. Statewide, there were more than 52,000 crashes, with 233 fatalities.

With those numbers, it's important to remember that distracted driving is more than just texting and driving.

How many of you put on make-up while you're driving, eat, tend to the kids in the backseat or even your pets and checking your GPS device?

This law specifically applies to when you're caught texting and driving in a designated school crossing, school zone or active work zone area where there's construction crews or immediately adjacent to any working crews.

So here's your reminder, keep your eyes on the road and focus on driving to make sure you and your family can arrive alive.