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Steinhatchee community becoming united by the flooding

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-22 18:16:25-04

TAYLOR COUNTY, Fla. — A community united Thursday in Taylor County.

With neighbors helping neighbors get through devastating flooding in Steinhatchee.

In just one weekend that community saw more than 30 inches of rain.

In east Steinhatchee where there are some roads that are completely impassable as well as ditches that are still filled with rainwater days later. But that's not even the worst of it. By 7th Street, it's so bad one man's backyard is practically a pool. The homeowner tells us it's not the first time this has happened before either.

"There's just nowhere for the water to go," said homeowner Eddie Padgett.

When the rain started last weekend, Padgett thought it would never end.

"It started coming up, coming up. We were stuck in here Saturday night all the way to Sunday then the next day," said Padgett.

Padgett says he waited in his home but nobody ever came for help. Now he waits while the moisture seeps into his yard by the hour.

He's one of at least 100 people in town still trying to figure out how to get it all out.

Right now he's reminded a lot of the past with Hurricane Hermine.

"Everything is wet inside, we tried to buy the humidifiers to dry it out. It's just a problem that keeps reoccurring and nothing is being done," said Padgett.

Over at Sowers of the Seed, the food pantry faced it's on challenges.

Cherry Campbell runs the non-profit. She says the good part is nothing major was lost.

And now, instead of helping the typical 100 people in their church, they've become the go to for people impacted by the flooding.

"We're really blessed. We get in a bad situation and we can see where the Lord works in," said Campbell.

If you'd like to donate call 850-295-3787. Sowers of the Seed say the biggest need people have right now are mops and other cleaning supplies.