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Outdoor workers facing the heatwave in Tallahassee

Posted: 6:17 PM, May 23, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-23 18:17:27-04
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — While most of us had the AC in the car blasting and the AC at work as well, some jobs just have to deal with temperatures near the triple digits.

Hydration and a positive spirit is the theme for of the workers having to step out into the sun for a full day's work.

While the sun heats up with temperatures inching close to the triple digits, the pit at Mo Betta Barbecue heats up as well.

"It's hot and working at a barbecue pit, it's gonna be 20 more degrees extra," said Malike Jugger, a Mo Betta Barbecue Cook.

And that's not including working with the smokers.

"You got the smokers and cookers over there, that's about 400 or 500 hundred degrees over there," said Jugger.

So how does one handle the rising temperature when the day-to-day job naturally involves heat?

"Keep moving and stay hydrated," said Jugger.

Luckily for Jugger and his coworkers, a couple of well-placed, high power fans keep the temperature down, too. Jugger says this heat wave doesn't bother him.

Mo Better Barbecue isn't the only place firing up the grill despite the heatwave. At a construction site, the grill is going as a way to say thank you to the workers braving the heat.

The workers try to get in at least a bottle of water per hour and a 15 minute break every three hours, but when the temperatures rise, even that may not be enough.

"I just recommend to all of the guys, if they feel the heat getting to them-- take a break and get in the shade," said Sal Tozzi, Childress Construction Superintendent.

And the roofers have to take even more precaution.

"They have covers on their necks. It usually exceeds 120 degrees on the roof so we try to get them off every 30 minutes to get them into the shade," said Tozzi.

Heatwave or not, the job must get done.

Temperatures are expected to get even hotter going into the weekend.