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"Definitely concerning" - Gunfire wakes Northwest Tallahassee neighbors; search for suspects continues

Posted at 4:49 PM, Sep 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-25 16:53:30-04
  • The sound of gunshots woke neighbors up in Northwest Tallahassee early Monday morning.
  • An officer was shot while responding to a crime scene.
  • Watch the video above to see how people living nearby are coping with the violence in their community.


Neighbors in Northwest Tallahassee are concerned about safety after a scary start to their Monday.

People who live in this neighborhood say more needs to be done to stop the gunshots.

Doreen Rehman, Northwest Tallahassee Neighbor "It's a horrible feeling to wake up scared."

That's Doreen Rehman.

She moved into this neighborhood just last month. Rehman tells me she was woken up around 2 Monday morning by officers knocking at her door.

They were looking for doorbell camera video as the search for suspects got under way.

Doreen Rehman, Northwest Tallahassee Neighbor "Gun violence between our kids and our communities is at an outrage right now—it's outrageous."

Tallahassee Police Department says an officer was shot while responding to a drug-related burglary investigation early Monday.

I checked with TPD on shooting stats for this year. They told me as of September 13th, there have been at least 42 shootings where someone got hurt in the city.

Now neighbors like Desmond Howard are calling for change.

Desmond Howard, Northwest Tallahassee Neighbor "Just the access to weapons needs to change."

Howard tells me it's disturbing to know just how close this shooting was to the home of his newborn son.

Desmond Howard, Northwest Tallahassee Neighbor "I could see the police tape from my front door."

Eric Allen also lives in the neighborhood.

He told me he was unable to get home once police shutdown the streets here for the investigation.

Eric Allen, NW Tallahassee Neighbor "It's definitely concerning, it's definitely very scary to know I live feet away."

Now with an officer falling victim to the violence, neighbors aren't sure what else they can do.

Doreen Rehman, Northwest Tallahassee Neighbor "I just started praying. That's all I could do."

As for now, the officer is in stable condition as the investigation continues to play out.