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Neighbors have questions during first week of Leon County Waste Pro contract

Posted at 6:28 PM, Oct 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-03 18:28:56-04
  • Waste Pro expanded services for those outside of city limits, with an increased monthly rate.
  • Some neighbors say they've had issues.
  • Waste Pro says to ensure your trash is separated and following guidelines to ensure pick up.


There are a few new things you need to know before putting your trash on the curb.

I’m Kendall Brandt, your neighborhood reporter in NE Tallahassee.

People living outside of city limits should see some service changes when it comes to trash pick up.

During the first week of the new contract, some living in the area say they have had issues.

Gregory Maddox has lived in Tallahassee since the 70s. He's never had issues with trash pick up until getting bulk trash picked up in July.

"I made an appointment. It was finally filled three weeks later," Maddox said. "Of course the grass under the rug died. It's still trying to grow back. But the last straw was this week."

The latest confusion he had was when his normal trash was not taken.

"When I came out on Monday, I saw a cardboard box empty and I saw the bag of kitchen trash below," Maddox said.

This after the county has renewed a contract with Waste Pro for another year.

Director of resource Stewardship Maggie Theriot said they expect Waste Pro give quality service.

She said some changes in the contract, like no longer allowing yard debris in plastic bags, were made to save you money,

"The primary reason for this was to keep the monthly rate as low as possible. It is very labor intensive for a vendor to go through and process those plastics bags and process the smaller. debris. So, cost savings was primary and of course the environmental benefit too of reducing plastic usage," Theriot said.

The price of the service did increase from last year by 8 dollars a month.

But, the county notes that the rate is still one of the lowest in the state.

One of the new services now included:

"Historically you would have to call and get those bulky items removed like an old mattress or water heater. You no longer have to call. Those are removed weekly as well," Theriot said.

I reached out to Waste Pro this morning to speak with them about the new services offered and the concerns from neighbors like Maddox.

A spokesperson explained to me in a statement why trash may not be taken. She says "All recyclable materials must be placed within the green recycling bin.

Yard waste must also be "....A maximum of eight cubic yards of yard waste can be picked up. "

Those rules are not different from last year's contract.

Theriot said county customers shouldn't expect too many drastic changes.

"Most of the services that people are the same. You get that weekly garbage, recycling pick up. Your yard debris removal," Theriot said.

Maddox said he hopes the service does improve throughout the year.

"I'm skeptical, but again everyone's price went up and the easiest way to dismiss it is in this job market not only do you have inflation, but you don't have that many people applying to Waste Pro," Maddox said.

If you’re having issues or have questions about pick up, reach out to Waste Pro customer service at the number on your screen.