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Neighbors prepare for Friday night storms in the Big Bend

Posted at 6:54 PM, Mar 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-11 19:32:38-05

QUINCY, Fla (WTXL) — Frances McMillon is no stranger to flooding at her home off of Elm Street in Quincy. She said every time there's heavy rainfall, water will flood her garage.

"Since we know that it floods the garage, we have our personal belongings sitting on top of blocks," said McMillon."My yard does flood and we have put down pipes to try and keep the water out of the yard and into the street."

Elm Street isn't the only problem area in Quincy. Gadsden County Emergency Management says they have their eyes on other low-lying areas throughout the county.

"In the city of Quincy, Flagler, Elm Street, Lucky and Inlet Street as well as McArthur Street and G,F, and A Drive," said Tashonda Whaley of Emergency Management.

The County, as well as the city of Quincy and Midway have put out sandbag locations like these to help residents keep water out of their homes.

Leon County Emergency Management is also helping their residents keep the water out, setting up four sandbag locations throughout the county.

Leon County Emergency Management Director Kevin Peters, however, says that they're hoping that the dry winter the area has seen will help reduce flooding chances.

"That's been one of the benefits of being dry, this rainfall event may not be as impactful had it been another year where we've had normal rainfall to this point," said Peters.