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Money was big focus on Day 6 of Dan Markel murder trial

Posted at 7:56 AM, Oct 07, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — We are closing out the second week of the Dan Markel murder trial.

Money was the big focus in the courtroom Friday, ranging from spending habits before and after the murder to the employment status of those charged in the Florida State University professor's death.

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For four hours a financial investigator took the stand to break down the numbers in this case.

Prosecutor: "And during the time that her cash deposits are the highest..where is she employed?"

Mary Hull: "I do not have a record of her being employed."

Money a big factor in this case. Since the state believes Dan Markel's death was a murder for hire.

Mary Hull is the state's financial crime analyst. On Friday she broke down Katherine Magbanua, Sigfredo Garcia, Luis Rivera, and the Adelson family's financial records.

Hull showed records of both Garcia and Rivera buying cars and motorcycles right after Markel's murder. Records also showed that despite being out for breast implants, Magbanua's paychecks from the Adelson's never changed.

Remember the Adelson's are the former in-laws of Dan Markel.

At some point Magbanua claims to have worked in the family's dental office.

Other employees took the stand earlier this week. They say they had no knowledge of her working there.

We also learned that for about 12 hours during the time of Markel's murder, both Garcia and Rivera had their cell phones turned off.

Records show that an hour after the murder, Garcia turned his phone back on and called Katherine Magbanua.

The prosecution hopes to rest its case on Monday. Closing arguments could happen as early as next Thursday.

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