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Local residents react to correctional officers stabbed at Apalachee Correctional Institution

Posted at 6:19 PM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 18:19:50-04

SNEADS, Fla. — Three correctional officers are still recovering after an inmate attack in Jackson County.

The violence has prompted action to be taken, but to some in the area it's just another day.

It's pretty isolated except for two homes down the road. We spoke to a woman who says the problem stems from a sign right that says "Now hiring correctional officers."

Nina McLeod says the way things are going, it's never going to be taken down. But her mom has been there so long she doesn't really bat an eye at this point.

"I've never been afraid. I know they've had a lot of escapes and killings and all that like they have in a prison," said Rosalee Joyner, long-time resident of Sneads.

Joyner has lived in Sneads for about 60 years and of course there's been some crime.

"My youngest son came home from school and there was one hid here and of course he went in there and stole a gun," said Joyner.

This time it's happening inside the prison walls.

Authorities say a convicted sex offender, 41-year-old Tyrece Fleming, stabbed three officers with a homemade weapon. sending them to the hospital with serious injuries.

"We felt safe here as we have all these years. We know to lock up and do that every afternoon when the sun goes down," said McLeod. "We keep the screen doors locked."

McLeod says the main problems is the facility is understaffed and that puts an added burden on the current officers.

She says until the Corrections Department fixes those issues, fights like this are going to keep happening.

"This one doesn't have enough people to run it. Does not pay their employees, the officers to give 12 hours a day to come and stay in a prison," said McLeod.

We recently told you about a similar attack against officers at the Mayo Correctional Institution in Lafayette County just a couple weeks ago.

In that case, two prisoners used homemade weapons to stab an officer.