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Leon County, Tallahassee considering merging animal services

Both groups have considered this before
Posted at 5:44 PM, Apr 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-23 17:44:44-04

LEON COUNTY, Fla. — Leon County is looking at ways to improve how it takes care of animal control.

One suggestion is to merge city and county services. The issue was brought up at Tuesday's county commission meeting.

This comes from an assessment of the Animal Services Center by Tom Brown Park.

The city owns and operates the center, and the county uses it too. So, there's a push to consolidate.

This is something both groups have considered before.

A couple years ago, the city and county were talking about joining forces, but it never happened.

Cara Aldridge, Leon County's Animal Control Director, says merging services would make a lot of sense, especially when it comes to responding to calls.

"Consolidating city and county animal control services would make operations more streamlined due to the fact that we have separation right now with the incorporated and unincorporated areas, but it would mainly be efficiencies within our departments," said Aldridge.

The assessment also recommended creating a "community cat program" that would trap, neuter, vaccinate and return at-large cats.

The county says it's not totally against the idea, but it needs to learn more about it.