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GRAB YOUR SNEAKERS: Chattahoochee neighbors prepare to celebrate MLK Day

The celebration is Monday, January 15h starting at 9 a.m.
Posted at 4:01 PM, Jan 12, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-12 16:01:59-05
  • Neighbors are planning an MLK celebration on January 15.
  • You can participate in a walk and parade starting at noon.
  • View video above to see where the walk goes and what it means to the community.


Walking to celebrate freedom, neighbors here are lacing up their sneakers to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and they want you to walk with them.

The celebration is on January 15th. It will begin with a breakfast and program at Chattahoochee Elementary School at 9:00 a.m.

After, neighbors can participate in a walk/parade at noon. The walk will begin at Crawford and Moultry Funeral Home and end at Jessie Wilson Park.

Chattahoochee has been doing this event for 21 years now.

Ira Daniels is the chairman of the event. He tells me he’s thrilled about people coming together but mostly excited to see the younger generation being engaged in MLK’s history.

“I find that the young people which are younger than I am, I see them more enthused about coming together and learning something. They’re hungry, they seem to have a hunger to know history. I feel excited that I get to be a part of that.”

Ira says this celebration is a fellowship and anyone in the community can join. Again the event in January 15th .