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Housing help available in Bainbridge; see how to apply before the deadline

For the first time since 2021 Housing Choice voucher applications are now open, but it's for a limited time.
Posted at 6:34 PM, Oct 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-18 18:34:49-04
  • Housing Choice Vouchers, formerly known as section 8, is temporarily accepting applications.
  • Experts said housing vouchers may not benefit all Bainbridge residents.
  • Find out what affordable housing alternatives are offered in Bainbridge.


There's a fair amount of demand for housing here, rental housing especially,” said real estate pro and broker for Premier Group Realty, Rollins Miller.

The clock is ticking for low-income households seeking housing vouchers.

I talked to a few resources in town to find out more about affordable housing needs here in Bainbridge.

As of October 17 at midnight applications for Housing Choice Vouchers, formerly known as section 8, have reopened.

Georgia Department of Community Affairs previously closed the application process back in 2021 due to the long wait list.

This is an income-based program that supports families and individuals with affordable housing.

I found out from the Bainbridge Housing Authority that these vouchers can only be used with private landlords.

A Bainbridge native with over 20 years of real estate experience says the number of private housing options accepting these vouchers is slim.

"I do know other private landlords, but I do not know anyone who supplies housing that can be used with a voucher,” Miller. 

I looked up property levels and 19.9 percent of Bainbridge residents were below the poverty level back in 2021.

This paints a bigger picture for the need for affordable housing options in Bainbridge.

Miller said there are not many options adding there hasn't been a private affordable housing project in Bainbridge in quite some time.

"We haven't had a project here in Bainbridge in [gosh] eight or ten years,” said Miller. 

Since applications have recently gone live many have reached out to the Bainbridge Housing Authority.

 Executive director, Nadine Beard, said the authority offers public housing not private.

"So they can not use these vouchers here?” said WTXL reporter AJ Douglas.

"No, we don't accept individual vouchers,” said Beard.

"There's a need for the housing vouchers but very little availability.. Is that what I'm hearing?” said AJ.

"Yes,” said Beard.

Applications close Friday October 20 at 11:59

Those looking to apply click link below.