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FSU hosts Oscars party fundraiser for film program

Proceeds go to help fund university’s film program
Posted at 10:01 PM, Feb 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 08:24:33-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fl. (WTXL) - — Hundreds of people gathered at Florida State University's Film School to watch the 2020 Academy Awards on Sunday night.

The watch party was a fundraiser that allowed students to raise money for the film school. For students at FSU, the show is a glimpse of what happens when dreams come true.

"It's really an opportunity for us, as students, to truly celebrate the best of the best of what film has to offer," Chayse Banks.

Banks is an assistant director for the event. But in a few years, she wants to produce horror films. Banks believes FSU's film program will help her get there.

"It's the dedication to story and the fact that this is the only film school that gives people extreme equal opportunity and the chance for everybody to have their own voice, which is totally great," said Banks.

Erika Stone is an acting instructor at the school. She said the focus is a lot of hands-on work, which gives everyone a chance to prove themselves.

"Anybody can come here no matter what their background is and economic status and they will have the same opportunities to make wonderful movies," said Stone.

Students say constantly working on real, varied films is what sets their school apart.

"I spend a lot of time making a lot of different films and that's kind of what makes the process so fun for us," said Olivia Wood.

With all that practice, students say they're ready for their moment to be on the other side of the TV screen.

"It's extremely exciting," said Banks. "You kind of look up at the big screen and you see all those people winning Oscars and you try to envision yourself there one day."

The school raised about 8,000 dollars between about 150 people.