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Florida reports 3,207 new COVID-19 cases in one day, breaking previous record

More than 1.5 million people tested so far
Coronavirus cases rise by record 1,698 in state; death toll up 47
Posted at 11:38 AM, Jun 18, 2020

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — State coronavirus cases rose by 3,207 and deaths climbed by 43, according to the Florida Department of Health's Thursday morning report.

Since the first two deaths were announced on March 6, the toll has risen to 3,061. And cases have climbed to 85,926 since the first ones were announced on March `1.

The state also reported 188 new hospitalizations for more serious cases of the virus. Florida has confirmed at least 12,577 coronavirus-related hospitalizations since the start of the outbreak.

According to Thursday data from the state Agency for Health Care Administration, less than 25 percent hospital adult intensive-care unit beds are available.

Thursday’s number is 15 percent higher than the previous one-day high of 2,783 reported Tuesday. For 15 of past 16 days, the cases have been in the four digits.

Testing has ramped up, including massive sites throughout Florida, and the state has eased restrictions. However, the positive rate also has been trending up in the past week.

As far as the percent positive cases, the overall percent of positive tests stands at 5.7 percent as of Thursday, up from 5.6 percent the previous day and 5.5 percent the day before that. Florida reports having completed over 1.5 million tests for COVID-19.

The mortality rate involving positive cases is 3.6 percent in the state compared with 5.4 percent in the United States and 5.4 percent worldwide.

Locally, the Big Bend hasn't seen an abrupt jump in coronavirus cases like other parts of the state:

Leon - 453 cases (32 non-resident cases), 8 deaths
Suwannee - 212 cases (5 non-resident cases), 18 deaths
Gadsden - 307 cases (5 non-resident cases), 5 deaths
Liberty - 220 cases (0 non-resident cases), 1 death
Madison - 82 cases (4 non-resident cases), 3 deaths
Jefferson - 34 cases (2 non-resident cases), 4 deaths
Wakulla - 34 cases (2 non-resident cases), 1 death
Jackson - 320 cases (9 non-resident cases), 2 deaths
Hamilton - 276 cases (3 non-resident case), 2 deaths
Taylor - 61 cases (1 non-resident cases),
Franklin - 1 case (1 non-resident case)
Lafayette - 15 cases (0 non-resident cases)

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday said the state is “not shutting down” and will push forward with reopening.

During that press conference, DeSantis attributed the spike to increased testing and expanded testing of "high risk" locations like long-term care facilities, construction sites, farms and other places.