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Family holds prayer vigil as Tallahassee man still missing after Tennessee tornado

Posted at 12:23 AM, Dec 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-15 10:24:56-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Jamie Antonio Hall of Tallahassee is still missing after a day of searching following a tornado outbreak that devastated parts of the southern and midwestern United States Saturday night.

Hall was one of eight people who traveled from Tallahassee to Reelfoot Lake State Park in Tennessee to go duck hunting.

The tornado killed his brother-in-law Steve Gunn and nephew, also of Tallahassee. They were staying at the Reelfoot Lake Cypress Point Resort in Tiptonville, Tenn. when the tornado hit Saturday night.

While friends and family members joined hands for song and prayers in support of the search for Hall, his son, Michael Gunn-Hall told family spokesperson Patrick Figeroa he plans to find his father himself if he can.

"Michael's going to go out in a boat where there are some shorelines and stuff, and be able to look around in some areas just to see," said Figeroa. "Tornadoes are different. They find things everywhere."

ABC 27 spoke with Michael before the prayer vigil as he shared in his own words what the aftermath of that storm looks like.

"There's a lot of trees down, a lot of debris," said Gunn-Hall. "The hotel is not up anymore. Some of the buildings are still up, some of the buildings are not. It just looks like a big big tornado came through."

One thing they both agree on is their faith, as friends and family stand in strong support of Hall's return.

"Keep the faith, and believe that a miracle would happen," Figueroa said.

Community members can support the affected families by donating to their GoFundme.